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【passionate months, bluefire night】 congratulate the smooth proceeding of quanzhou bluefire mid-year conference and 2-year anniversary
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2016-07-01
      on june 30th, the 2016 mid-year conference of quanzhou bluefire real estate was successfully held with leaders and directors in attendance, including zhou fangneng, chairman; zhongguofa, ceo; zhong xiaoping, assistant of chairman; yang shangqing, general manager of quanzhou bluefire; wu wenzhen, vice general manager; and supervisors and managers from projects.

      at the meeting, mr. yang and mr. wu subsequently delivered the speech which deeply analyzed the market trends in the first half year, reviewed and summarized the progresses and achievements gained in the first half year, and then provided strategic planning and layout of tasks needed completing in the next half year. they also pointed out the existing shortages, and then proposed development policies and improvements.

      under the guidance of corporate directors, quanzhou bluefire led introspective trend all over the corporation. in the first half year, although quanzhou bluefire harvested satisfactory fruits, only the constant progresses and efforts could entail the corporation profession and execution to expand the new channels and businesses which made bluefirecarve a utmost place in the fierce real estate market. 

      at 8:30 pm, all the attendants took part in 2-year anniversary held in jinjie, wanda, to celebrate the birthday of quanzhou bluefire real estate. the crowd of friends and large quantities of gifts generate the exciting atmosphere.
a cake symbolizing the 2-year-old of quanzhou bluefire
zhongguofa, ceo of xiamen bluefire real estate group, delivered speech on the stage
the leaders of group sliced the cake symbolizing the 2-year-old of quanzhou bluefire.

the 2-year anniversary began!

big family, which cannot afford to be ignored

      never did the quanzhou bluefire divide the individuals with different projects, but we are a family, we are a team. the close-knit eight projects drove the quanzhou bluefire. everyone in the company was well aware of the details of projects, and made their love root in their departments and projects.
      singing and dancing, they are necessary

mr. yang vibrantly performed a piece of song named friendship
we proposed a toast to each other.
the excellence and passion will never fade out
       tonight, quanzhou bluefire makes a small step. gratitude is honored.

       tonight is the anniversary belongs to all bluefirer, either for veterans in bluefire or for the greenhands who just join our big family. we believe that, with the joint efforts of all bluefirers and based on the principle that based on profession, have superiority in industry, succeed for responsibility and engage in innovation, quanzhou bluefire would achieve sustainable development and pave more spacious future!