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innovation and win-win prospect
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2015-02-16

    2014 year-end commendation of bluefire was successfully concluded in millennium harborview hotel xiamen on feb 5 and feb 6. bluefire looked backwards to the xiamen and even the national real estate market trend, recognizing the glorious achievements acquired by bluefire, then set the future development orientation and goal. xiamen headquarter, quanzhou branch, shanghai branch, anhui branch and other divisions participated in this conference.

    zhong guofa, board member and executive vice general manager, summarized and delivered speech on the achievements gained in past years, affirming the success in 2014, expressing his gratitude to the efforts and hard-work made by all colleagues . zhou fangneng, chairman of bluefire, made a conclusive speech on commendation. with the progressive development and expansion of bluefire, taking future development layout and diverse strategic demand of enterprise as a center, he announced that: from 2015, xiamen bluefire real estate co., ltd. formally upgraded into xiamen bluefire real estate group co., ltd., meanwhile, appointed liu wen as the chairman of group, zhong guofa as ceo, and the cai ruzhong as vice chairman.

    on the commendation, “bluefire ablazing prairie charity fund” was formally established, and confirmed wu linna as the first-term president of funds, encouraging every staff to devote their hearts, caring and making contributions to society, in turn carrying forward the bluefire spirit.

    at the end of commendation, 2014 year-end of dinner party was held in jiali hotel, which took “walking together, grateful for you” as a theme. it is a thanksgiving night, we are grateful to developer, to every staffs in bluefire, to the faith and expectation, all of which refine today’s bluefire.

    year-end dinner party filled with vibration. in addition to the delicious cuisine, categories of activities were presented: awarded for excellent performance, exciting lottery drawing moment…… all of which displays bluefire’s spirit and great team spirit of our staffs, strengthening the friendship between us, promoting a positive working and life attitude in a new year.

    for rewarding the hard work of our staffs, at the eve of new year, directors of our enterprise led us, the excellent staffs from respective business zones and departments, to balinese and h.k. for tour. it is recognition for the high emphasis on the contribution of excellent employees, also an important measure for talent-valuing mechanism, making staffs feel at real “home”.

    in four-day balinese tour, we toured the charming coastal scenario of balinese, visiting the turtle island, uluwatu, tanah lot, ubud market and palace, and took part in carnival on yachts. we also enjoyed the traditional lulu essential oils massage, accommodating five-star hotels during the whole journey. positive atmosphere and high spirit, sunshine massage and fish’s pleasure entitled endless passion to us. thereafter, we make a tour in h.k. for two-day free journey. tour made us closer, deepening friendship, creating a cooperative and active atmosphere, strengthening cohesion of our team. staffs praised that this tour reflected humanistic care of bluefire, widening our horizon, cultivating our sentiment and leveling up the honor sense and sense of belonging of being a member of bluefire, laying a solid foundation for enterprise culture.

    bluefire, as a brand comprehensive service supplier with tier-one agency qualification, winding through 13-year vicissitude, has upgraded into a mega and value-added real estate service supplier featuring group and trans-regional operation. in the overall process of real estate development, bulefire offers comprehensive value-added service for various reputable developer, listed companies and government. bluefire, locating its headquarters in xiamen, expands business to various provinces----- like fujian, jiangxi, anhui, shanghai, zhejiang, liaoning and shandong in which we have established regional enterprises, contributing to progressive annual growth of volume. in 2015, bluefire upholds the philosophy that “based on profession, superior than peers, succeed for responsibility”, and forges ahead.