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blueprint&huiyan’s soulmate, sentimental mid-autumn -------the mooncake gambling carnival of anhui blueprint&huiyan marketing center
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2016-09-13

     the mooncake gambling carnival of anhui blueprint&huiyan marketing center was passionately unfolded on the september 9! to be the winner will be blessed by fortune. the voice of “ding dang” and the vast categories of presents will spectacularly decorate this exciting mid-autumn day.

      in such a cool mid-autumn season which symbolizes reunion, for the purpose of making our staffs be conscious of the warmth of the mid-autumn day and the national day, facilitating the integration and communication among everyone, meanwhile, appreciating the traditional culture of characteristic mooncake gambling on mid-autumn day, the huiyan marketing center hosted such a delicate mooncake gambling carnival. besides the invitation of our staffs, several distinguished guests embraced our hospitality.

      before the banquet, wang yongxing, the general manager of anhui blueprint&huiyan marketing center, delivered a spectacular speech. the mooncake gambling commenced after the dinner. with dices subsequently felling into the china bowl, the resonation of melodious voice and the exclamation from attendance entwined. in order to win the final prize, everyone fully took advantage of their capacity. with the results of the competition of “duitang”, “jinshi” and “tanhua” confirming, the prizes were finally given out.

     the final winners were disclosed in the fierce but exciting competition. the diverse prizes were gained by their owners. the exclamation, the laughter and their applauses drove the atmosphere to the climax and ended this activity.

     distinctive mid-autumn festival was spent under the same moonlight. the different mooncake culture cradled under the same background of the mid-autumn moon. we sincerely deliver our best wish for colleagues and their families, for our friends in mid-autumn day and national day! happy reunion!