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exhilarating mid-autumn festival, solidified bluefire------today’s celebration forges a more prosperous prospect in the future
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2015-09-22
     the date, 21st september, 2015, greeted a fatally exceptional night. following an exhilarating family reunion emerging in splendid quanzhou city, we were addicted to the big feast and drinks, then engrossed in the mooncake gambling activities, through which we hand in hand to look ahead the spectacular future of bluefire.
     at the beginning of evening party, mr. zhongguofa, ceo of bluefire group, passionately delivered a profound opening speech, which features not only the high appraisal of the measurable achievement but expecting the full exploitation of innate potential of young members, to ignite the impetus of each blurefirer to create much more masterpieces.

  “encouragement from overseas” might be the best mid-autumn gift offered by the senior managers from the headquarter. under the hospitable invitation of wu wenzhen, the vice general manager of quanzhou branch, chairman zhou fangneng, who back from canada, summarized the decade’svicissitudes of corporation development to express his expectation of future development of quanzhou branch: 2012, at the early stage of bluefire, our team grew from an organization consisting of 10 talents into the current conglomerate. experiencing hardships and obstacles for a decade, we acquired expertise, we applied and we harbored the team cohesion to pave a radiant era for a next 10-year history.

     liuwen, who is the chairman of group backing from remote australia, not only presented the expectation of quanzhou colleagues, but looked ahead, conveying his hope that we should refine our professionalism and execution and treasure them as superiority by the virtue of which made us prominent in real estate marketing in quanzhou.

    harvesting the recognition and expectation, bluefirers feel the expansion of responsibilities and the explosion of confidence. we believe thatthe laughers tonight sound the subsequent triumph.

(being bombarded with confidence, we look into the future)
    exciting mooncake gambling is imminent! everyone stands in a “fighting” position. the mixture of laughers and dice songs demonstrates an prosperity and harvest.

(hearty dinner! exhilarating mooncake gambling)

(embraced by luck fairy, who would win the champion)
    blessed with super luck, a pregnant beauty from design department won the steam ironing machine, which was the biggest prize in the first round of mooncake gambling, then have a consecutive access to the red envelop having 2000 yuan in the final round competition.

     profession, execution and unity consistently constitutes the fundamental of bluefire spirit. tonight, we proposed a toast to friendship, celebrating with laughers. tomorrow, we will be fully charged, draining all energy for the blueprint of bluefire.