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the 5th anniversary of anhui bluefire, congratulation from the twin projects of royal lepage
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2015-07-31

so instantaneous do 5 years elapse that children who initially acquire language skills grow into slightly mature.

so lengthy do 5 years experience that a corporation organized by project departments of several staffs has become mature into a specialized full-scaled real estate service legal person which is in the possession of more than 100 recruits.

anhui bluefire, with full-hearted efforts, forges the service scope covering regions like heifei, chuzhou, wuhu, fuyang. anhui bluefire, by the virtue of professional, refined and transcendent service, grasps the highlight of various real estate developers.

jointly exploiting chuzhou, paving the new era

from the single project to twin projects strike, from nobody to progressive increase of market share, anhui bluefire and royal lepage co-exploits chuzhou. with numerous marketing meetings and operation plans, we attain the quantities of opening triumphs and glories. nearly 2000 days and nights efforts cultivates the deep relationship between anhui bluefire and royal lepage, meanwhile repeatedly gains recognition. anhui bluefire always embraces gratitude, going to great lengths to resolve difficulties, and paves the market together.

two projects of royal lepage, surmounted achievement

project of sunny mediterranean sea (royal lepage), as a cutting point of royal lepage in chuzhou, has gained high appraisal and recognition of citizens since its establishment. the intimate relationship between bluefire and royal lepage makes the “sunny mediterranean sea project”achieved the title of “2014 top 9th sales volume of chuzhou real estate”. the popularity of the project provides the first substantial gift for the 5th anniversary of anhui bluefire.

currently, the overall project fully exhibits with live-action ready house, which entitles sort of life features maturity and richness, makes it charming and vigorous. committing the quality promise of the pure mediterranean villa groups, live-action gardens, vast add-on space, the german thyssen krupp elevator, japanese skk architecture exterior wall coating material, militaryauthentication brand wonly anti-theft security door and natural sandstone. the power of time perfects the architecture and sediment the quality, with which offers gifts for the paramount lives.

sunny mediterranean sea (royal lepage)

as the second cooperation between bluefire and royal lepage, sunny metropolis (royal lepage) shoulders the mission of transcending the sales performance of sunny mediterranean sea project. sunny metropolis draws the urban attention with the innovative duplex products to fill the market emptiness of chuzhou. 3 times opening and 3 times hot-sale, achieves the sales triumphs in march and the top 5 sales performance of chuzhou real estate in the first half year of 2015. the transcendence of sunny metropolis offers the second big present for the 5th anniversary of anhui bluefire.

locating in the south urban administrative service center, the projects create 6 meters height duplex cubic space-----resting in the upstairs and entertainment in downstairs, making our dreams and lives even closer, catering for all the youth’s imagination of space. the 81-112 square meters micro villa groups with 40 square meters free space add the capricious fabulousness. equipped with more proportionate dimension feeling, more natural ventilation and more well-lighted function, sunny metropolis refines on every detail, presenting residents a more qualified living space.

sunny metropolis (royal lepage)

sunny mediterranean sea (royal lepage)

counseling hotline: 0550-2135555/2137777

project address: the convergence of fengle street and longpan street 

sunny metropolis (royal lepage)

counseling hotline:0550-6855558/6855559

project address:the convergence of the nanqiao road and longpan street

sales center: 100 meters away the south of the convergence of the nanqiao road and longpan street