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full-dimensional development: the first half year meeting of anhui bulefire held in hefei
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2015-07-13
     on 11th, july, first-half year project meeting of anhui bluefire real estate co., ltd. has been held in hefei. colleagues, including managers from the corporation, project directors respectively coming from the hefei, wuhu, fuyang, quzhou, project managers, sales managers, planning managers, as well as certain backbones, took part in the meeting. wang yongxing, general manager of anhui bluefire real estate, hosted the meeting. 

     unfolding the meeting with summaries of key performance and central work, project directors respectively analysed sales records in the first half, putting emphasis on the mapping of existing problems and the proposal of corresponding solutions. making comments on and jointly discussing the reports, managers, together with other participants, had a diagnosis for the drawbacks found in the work, and then ensured the smooth accomplishment of various annual objects.

    wang yongxing (general manager), zengbo (vice general manager) and wang yibin (executive officer), for promoting the sustainable, steady and health development of the corporation, delivered and advocated the suggestions and strategies concerning the strategic development paths, the orientation of transition, refined and intensive management, personnel management and construction, ect. important strategic layout was laid on the meeting: stipulate an practical and effective performance evaluation measures and put them into effect; strengthen the institutional construction and functional management, improving the efficiency; map out the missions and goals of the second half year; reasonably plan and arrange the capital flow; and further solidify the expansion work of new-established businesses.

     a substantial and funny dinner party follows the meetings. bosses and all peers were absorbed in the game of “red envelope competition”. submerging in the laughers and working atmosphere features intimate, energetic and health, bluefire, taking “harmony and win-win” as the center, cultivated a sort of powerful cohesion and centripetal force, which promoted the rapid and health development.