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vigorously climbing the everest of dream, co-refining a passionate blue-fire
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2015-06-16

    june 15 is a special day for quanzhou bluefire, due to its root in quanzhou city for a year. looking backwards to the 365 days in the past year, it is an extraordinary year for bluefirers, a year symbolizing as assiduous business set-up and great efforts spared by bluefirers, as well as a year full of pride and harvest. over the past year, guided by the legitimate decisions and the leadership of board committee, with the coordinated hard-work made by all colleagues, quanzhou bluefire, who embraces the operational philosophy of “profession and executive power” and deeply enforces the construction of “ rigid disciplines, academic manner, family warmness”, has achieved steady progress. bluefire rapidly consolidates and develops the quanzhou market, then some achievements have been acquired, resulting in a reputation among the real estate industry and developers.

    for the purpose of celebrating the foundation of quanzhou bluefire for one year, meanwhile, motivating us to face the challenges generating from the market, we, taking advantage of this special anniversary, organizes a splendid hiking that takes the “vigorously climbing the everest of dream, co-refining a passionate blue-fire” as theme, and fortunately gets the liu wensheng, the chairman, invited.

    at 7 am, a sunny and fabulous day. although it was a little hot that day, the passion of us still kept flaming, and wu wenzhen, vice-general manager, arranged missions for us. start climbing! we marched forwards to the climax with high spirit and impetus. we mutually encouraged, and offered the mutual help, which reflected the power of unity.

    about half an hour later, we all reached the climax. gentle breeze dried the sweet left on the path, and we engraved the valuable moment at the top of the mountain.

    after the arrival of tian lake, we climbed alongside the lake and had tea and snack in rest zone. such a feeling was fantastic.

    after conquering the qingyuan mountain, we climbed down to the yunding restaurant. vast categories of cuisines presented on the table. we wolfed down all of them without hesitation.

    after lunch, chairman liu delivered his recognition to our work in the past year, and encouraged our team. the analysis of current real estate trend and the importance of future marketing made us filled with confidence in the future prospect.

    the atmosphere was activated during the game. we laughed, played with pleasure, and the laughter reverberated in the forest.

    looking ahead, we will undertake more challenging missions, and it is the start point that we transcend the glories. we believe, all of us will continue to uplift the spirit of “overcoming the difficulties, exploiting and making progress”, consistently making a new and bigger contribution to the bluefirer’s further step towards the new development platform.