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green uniform, blue pride——outdoor training program for the first group excellent-performed staffs of quanzhou bluefire
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2015-06-04

    the cohesion of an enterprise not only reflects in collective creation, but also in some sort of enterprise culture featuring team atmosphere and unremitted fighting power.

    june 2, a meaningful and substantial day was spent by annual excellent staffs and team in david training camp, beside the caobang reservoir.

    this young and warm-blooded team, just like the new-born quanzhou bluefire, was full of impetus and passion.

    discipline, unity, cohesion are imperative basis for a well-performed team. “military spirit, academic atmosphere, and family feeling” constitutes the three ideologies that quanzhou bluefire has been inject into its employees in 2015.

    do it by yourself, and be well-fed! through the coordination in morning, the team spirit shared between bluefirers has been fully demonstrated in lunch time. rapid growth in the process of learning emerges as the biggest fortune for this young team, and lays a solid foundation for the new-born quanzhou bluefire.

    reality cs fighting game was the most expected program by our pals. sniper rifles and submachine guns were sophistically operated! fighting! fight like a solider.

    although fatigue stroke, the fighting spirit expressed through the team work and the delightfulness and team spirit gained from the training would definitely influence every bluefirer. we held the belief that, through the continuous maturity, these soldiers would grow into the backbone of quanzhou bluefire.

    we sincerely wish that more excellent staff would be able to be a member of team, and hope that every bluefirer would be strong and make steady progress with company, and face the more spectacular tomorrow together.