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bluefire is listed: top 50 of the “china’s top-100 real estate planning agency”
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2015-05-05

     bluefire has been awarded as the top 50 of the“china’s top-100 real estate planning agency”. such ranking is mapped out by the research group of china’s top-10 real estate that consists of three research institutes, development research center of the state council, real estate research academy of tsinghua university and china index academy under category, and has engaged in the research of the top-100 real estate planning agency since 2005.

     the policy that “adhering to the working ethic that achieves progress in stability”, and “taking the improvement of economic development quality and efficiency as focused mission”, “actively adapt to new normalcy of chinese economy---- the growth transits from high-speed to high and medium speed”, is proposed at 2014 the central economic working conference. in line with such a change, real estate industry will boost in a new era that is characterized as rational and stable. remarkable real estate planning agencies,under such a circumstance bombarded with revolution and challenges, acutely sense the impulse of market, prompting the transformation of corporations and market, and continuously leading the a new development wave in industry. under this background, the research group of china’s top-10 real estate launches “the research on china’s top-100 real estate planning agency.”

     taking “following the new normalcy, and pioneering the novel prospect” as a theme, “the research on china’s top-100 real estate planning agency”has explores multiple well-performed real estate planning agency group which equips with robust comprehensive power, positive growth potential and steady operation, via index quantitative research including the scale, profit, growth, planning ability and sold property proxy capacity. 
     since 2002, bluefire has been honored with vast categories of national professional rewards, andvarious regional affiliated branches have been founded at home and abroad. our company constantly accommodates to the rapid change of market, promptly expanding business and scale while optimizing technology and enhancing strength. wading through decades of vicissitude, we currently present sort of high-speed and stable development. in 2015, bluefire, by the virtue of strong comprehensive capacity, enormous growth, and steady operation, has been listed the top-50 of “china’s top-100 real estate planning agency”.