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events summaries in 2014 of bluefire real estate (anhui)
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2015-01-30

    chinese goat year is advent as the time elapses, looking backwards to 2014, it can be found that, under the guide of headquarter and the coordination and cooperation of all staffs, according to the working thoughts, missions and task requirements, branch made assiduous efforts to function with aggressive spirit, then perfectly finished various assignment appointed by upper corporation. for the purpose of relieving the pressure of staffs and strengthening team cohesion, anhui real estate organized all staff members took part in new year welcoming party on jan 29, 2015.

    colleagues of 2 projects in chuzhou arrived at 12:00 am,and then all staff members participated in this activity held in the museum ofscience and technology, school of electronic engineering. at the beginning ofparty, general manager wang addressed opening speech, and then publicized thelist of outstanding staff award in 2014. (annual outstanding staff: zhangxiaojuan; the most dedicated award: li dongqin; best newcomer award: wangjiaojiao; best coordinated award: li dongfang)

    party atmosphere boiled with endless applauses, laughter, scream. categories of programs presented in evening party. activities were performed in the team as unit, singing, dancing, opera and so forth are showed by all united staffs. we fully enjoyed the pleasure generating by party activities. this activity not only strengthened the cultural construction and promoted the cultural and ideological construction, but also enriched the lives of staffs, enhancing the cohesion and centripetal force. reflecting the tough-will of staffs, awesome performance satisfied all audiences and pushes the atmosphere towards the peak.

    the wonderful performance not only presented the personal talents, but also reflected team cohesion and harmonious cooperation between colleagues, promoting the cultural construction.

   directors of branches made final speech to recognize theoutcomes acquired in the past year. the eloquent speech entitled us endlessconfidence 

    this dinner party was instilled efforts by all staffs. despite the lack of well-equipped facilities and the tools, as well as the amateur actors and singers, the performance represented an attitude, a better wish of a new year, and the gratitude to directors and colleagues. the smiles, applauses were the recognition of efforts. although the whole show consisted of different teams, we were a group. as a member of group, we are a member of the enterprise family. it was necessary for us to unite and make great efforts. as the proverb went: “there is no road longer than feet, and there is no mountain taller than people,” we had legitimate reasons to believe that, as long as efforts were made and hard-work is paid, we each would gain the corresponding score someday. let us create splendid tomorrow of bluefire.