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handing in benchmarking mansion in island-circular road, co-creating new era of sales
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2014-07-01

         ------- celebration bluefire contract conclusion with “28seals of jade bay”

    hot summer, triumphant new fire! bluefiresuccessfully concluded contract with “28 seals of jade bay”, high-end villaproject in xiamen island-circular road (former second phase of dolphin bay) onjune 8. it represented a new height of bluefire achievement. steadilypracticing the diverse development strategies, bluefire made a solid step onthe path of “rooting in west coast, laying out nationwide”. bluefirenecessarily generated ablazing momentum.

project introduction of “28 seals of jade bay”

1. golden district, noble inheritance

    with the occupation of 31,881.348 acre, “28seals of jade bay” is characterized with extreme low plot ratio of 0.43, 24.3%building density, 37% greening ratio. located at the treasury district ofxiamen island-circular road, project backing verdant hills, facing blue sea, isa pure detached villa community. stretching along with green slope from thewest to the east, from the north to the south, project presents majesticmomentum, gentle pattern and uneven layout. upholding the philosophy of “returningto tradition, reshaping the classic”, “28 seals of jade bay” targets atrealizing the new-era living dreams of riches. by the virtue of studying thedelicate method of villa construction, resorting to the most valuablegeographical advantage, xiamen, the world-renowned metropolis and the globalresource allocation, “28 seals and jade bay” accomplishes the noble inheritanceof villa. the presentation of the real prospect of benchmarking mansion graspsthe whole town attention.

 sky-land integration, refined mansion

    “28 seals and jade bay” refines 28 classicalmansion with is scarcity and traditional 28-star theory-----that iscoordinating up with the sky, and integrating down into the land, welcoming 28elites to settle in. delicate and graceful carving, high-quality constructionmaterial, and world-class intelligent household system entitles 28 europeclassical villa a solemn and sacred concept presented by ancient castle. perfectunification of low-profile and luxury, vivid combination of ecological beautyand technology are fully reflected. in addition, “28 seals and jade bay”employs world-class high-level manager, xingong property management serviceco., ltd., to heartedly cope with every trifles. 

leading the world, returning to theessence

   28 delicately carved villa, together with7,000 acre new-classical garden and the importation of precious and treasuryplants, equips with free gardens and yards for each household.

    being distinguished from the vestibule andbackyard of traditional villa, a special recreational farm was plotted at thecorner of south piedmont in which riches can experience the farming pleasureregardless of their so-called social status. it is delightful to imagine such acircumstance taking place in the coast of prosperous city.

    being independent from the outer world,erected between the forest and ocean, “28 seals and jade bay” emerges as a rarebadge in island-circular road, also a paradise filtering the noise and miserybombarded in the outer world. 28 detached villa with double-view of hills andsea waits for the appreciation of our distinguished owner. real view of readyvillas is available, welcoming corkers to examine such masterpieces.