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new adventure---- solidifying west coast, overall development
news writer:互联网   time:2014-04-01
     2014 is the second year of bluefire’snew ten-year layout, as well as, the start of diverse 2013, we accomplished the reform of corporation management system, importation of high-level talents, research and development of expertise and deepening of the corporation culture, implementing the overall strategy of “solidifying west coast and overall development”.
     therefore, at the beginning of new year, 11 agency projects were signed, with minimum 1,600,000 acre firing the first flame, including
5 projects in xiamen headquarter:longyanyuzhou uptown, longyanzhongyun majesty town, longyanzhongyun fortune center, zhongyun garden, jiangxi shangrao royal villa bay
2 projects in quanzhou branch:nanan china sce four seasons town, shishi auspicious villa
3 projects in anhui branch: taihe crystal palace•jade garden, qinlantianyi•jinhua garden, wuhu blue jade mansion
1 project in shanghai: hubei xianning five-continents new space
future bluefire will continue to take xiamen headquarter as center, encouraging the steady and smooth development of three branches, generating more business volume. taking expertise as leading force, rooting in west coast, radiating to the whole nation, bluefire seeks more cooperative opportunities between brand developers. nationwide expansion will be executed in the perquisite of guaranteeing the strategic development benefits, eventually realizing the nationwide development strategy.