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    historically famous apartments, blue stone bridges, and churches situate in canterbury hills. in 1994, victoria university founded a branch campus on former site of old hospital, taking advantage of the existing buildings and the boiler house built in 1899. the latter now belongs to canterbury hills&regional art and culture co., ltd. canterbury hills is 30 minutes away from downtown, and taking bus, train or car is feasible, which all constitute the reason why she is an ideal place for residence and recreation adjacent to downtown. as one of fascinating suburbs in melbourne, just like a friendly and safe neighbor, canterbury hills owns the silent rural atmosphere and unique convenience for neighboring the downtown.

    kanter bailey villa locating at the center of canterbury hills is famous for its splendid cultural and historical background and its originality of ashes. she, a prudently designed masterpiece, is able to accommodate 1000 households. craft of each house perfectly integrates into the surroundings. lakes, ponds, parks, corridors, all of which are perfectly designed, coordinates into the natural fall, making your houses absolutely match with natural environment. green reflection in eyes, beautiful scenario, open space and the freshest air in town refresh our mind. each house of kanter bailey villa caters for your unique lifestyle, and wins multiple prizes. five-star energy levels, charming street and invisible wire fabricate a gorgeous living condition. the design team of thomson real estate group retrospects all the designs to guarantee the architectural promises and all the products consistently adapt to the high standard required by developer. the choice of delicate house, which equips with spacious room, ranges from modern to traditional, making your trip more convenient.

    clear water resource is within the reach in villa. surrounded in the middle of lake, villa is as well decorated by ponds, creeks and falls. such fertile land and ecosystem attract various birds and wild animals. walking on the roads, you will be exhilarated by the scenario and natural sound.


public supporting facilities

1. perfect public transportation system/private and public school

2. medical and health care facilities/ 20 children nurserycenter/recreation center

3. primary school/comprehensive universities

4 shopping center/4 supermarket/more than 20 café and restaurants

5. high-speed railway/ exercise specialized lanes, bicycles and pedestrianlanes/ goal course